Montag, 23. Mai 2016

Highlights of the weekend

Social guided tour through Zürich (Friday): we discovered the city from an other few. Two former homeless men who are working now for the initiative "surprise" showed us how it is possible for homeless people to survive in Zürich the most expensive city in the world. There are several  places where they can sleep and get hot meals for little money or even for free. If you know where to go you can eat in one week for only 30 CHF! One of the guides showed us a place in the center of the city where some volunteers cook for homeless people four times a week in summer and five times a week in winter. One volunteer welcomed us to join the cooking team and to help one day, hopefully next week.

We went to an intercultural garden (Saturday). It is an initative of a family where people from different countries and cultures have the possibility to work and while working to come together, meet... Because of the same work they have a common base what makes it easy to get in contact. One of the brothers showed us the place. The field owned his grandfather and is still property of the family. A year ago it was full of wild grass, not used. Now they created several vegetable patches which you can rent for a season for really few money. The man is architecture and they built up a big wooden garden house, with a terasse with a roof above, a cooking place, ... useable for all gardeners - a place to meet.

Help with the preparation of a snack after catholic students mass (Sunday)

Meeting with an immigrant from Ecuador (Monday): the father, whose family is living in Barcelona at the moment, can't find a job without speaking good German! Since three years he is living in Switzerland allready. We want to meet him from now on regulary to improve his language skills and to integrate him and to give him new hope and motivation.

German lesson for refugees (Monday)
we joined a little team to teach some refugees German. We were surprised about such a good atmosphere between teachers and learners. 

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